Ceviche fish, coriander, lemon and kiwi 14

Fried Mix: local anchovies, custard, sage and raisin mayo 10

Creamed Codfish Balls, nduja, baby green peppers  9

Fried squid, orange mayonnaise, dill, lime 15

Onion soup 9

Duck Terrine, zibibbo, mango, tender salad, tangerine 12

Roe Tartare, Filiano pecorino cheese,  mushrooms & mushrooms 13

Scotch Egg, comtè cheese, capocollo, hazelnut, cumin 12

Ristrot’s Raw seafood plateau 25

Cheese Selection 12


Trenette, cuttlefish, cabbage, nuts and ginger 14

Gnocchi with rosemary, mussels and celeriac 14

Mezze maniche, horse radish 14

Cacio & Pepe, figs must, goji, Cajenna pepper 12

Amatriciana 12


Confit Duck leg, tamarind, tangerine 19

Beef tongue, composed of red onions, green sauce and cocoa beans 18

Pork tenderloin, creamed potatoes, red cabbage and porter 19

Cod, its mayonnaise, red peppers 16

Catch of the day, butternut, puntarelle, purple potato 17

Roasted Octopus, tamago, broccoli, sour cream and chorizo 18


Babà, dedicated to my mum  8

Chocolate, chestnut, ratafia  8

Cassata Mon Amour  8

Creme brulè, caramelized milk and tonka bean  8

Cheese Cake, red fruits  7

TiramiSuS, coffee, mascarpone, coffe crumble 8

Cheese Selection  12

Seasonal Fruit 6