Fish Ceviche, coriander, kiwi, lime, ginger 14

Creamed Codfish Balls, carrot ketchup, baby green peppers  9

Squids, tomato sauce, yogurt, basil 15

Octopus and foie gras terrine, apple, tender salad, ginger 14

Salty meat, Russian salad, red betroot, tarragon 13

Crispy lamb animelle, sour cream, coconut, dates 12

Duck Terrine, zibibbo, mango, tender salad, tangerine 12

Ristrot’s Raw Fish plate 25

Cheese Selection 12


Gnocchetti, smoked cod, peppers, tomato, robiola cheese 14

Cochigliette, tomato sauce, clams, mussels, marinated anchovies 13

Trenette with braised orange duck 14

Spaghetti, cacio & pepe, spices 12

Amatriciana 12


Confit Duck leg, dates, orange 19

Pork fillet, sweet and sour sauce, spring roll 18

Cod, its mayonnaise, red peppers 16

Catch of the day fillet, pumpkin cream, agretti, purple potato 17

Roasted Octopus, pineapple, ponzu sauce, cashew nuts, chard 18


Babà, dedicated to my mother  8

Cannolo, ricotta cheese, pistachios  8

Coconut cheese cake, peaches coulis 7

TiramiSuS, coffee, mascarpone, coffe crumble 8

Seasonal fruit 6

Cheese selection  12